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Our Fate Music Video

A 3 minute Music Video to help end school violence....


Look for the Movie "Our Fate to be released soon and made available here..

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OUR FATE lyrics

You can't close you eyes to the violence all around us

You can't turn away to the sounds of despair - anymore

Life is just a short time when your living on the edge

I don't want to live this way - my heart can't stand the pain - anymore

(Choirs) So I lay down my arms and reach out my had I open my heart

so that you may understand. My heart can't stand the pain anymore. My

heart can't take this pain anymore.

We live without feeling we've forgotten how to think. We can't tell the

difference from what real and what's not anymore.

What will it take for us to see our fate and when will you face the

fact our hearts can't stand the pain- anymore


Its our fate. Its your fate. We'll lay down our arms. You'll reach out your

hand. We'll open our hearts - so that you'll understand. Our hearts can't

take this pain anymore.

(Choir) Choir

(video is part of the move Our Fate)

OUR FATE move synopsis (registered with West LA, CA writers Guild)

A group of Las Vegas Nevada high school students skip one day and go to Red Rock Canyon, a

special spiritual area for the local Paiute Indian Tribe at the edge of town. While their they have a

spiritual encounter (they think) with the spiritual leader of the Tribe and a shooting happend at

the same time in school      NOTE: The spiritual leader of the tribe played himself and blessed

 our project before production. Movie will soon be made avaialbe to  Public Libaries and Schools etc

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