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ISBN# 0917849-14-08 $30.00 (Complementary Copy)

By: World Peace Flag Organization - US 501 Non Profit Organization since 1996; copyright 2009



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Promote Peace – Help others & yourself-Our Goals



Conditions for Success



Three Important Steps



Pre-Requisites for Success



6 B's in formatting your Goals



Establish deadline for your Goals



How to obtain your Goals



Techniques for Success



The Perfect Marketing Plan



Cost to Join



Conclusion/ ACTION!!!



Home Based Business Helping Others


Chapter 1: Promote Peace - Help Others & Yourself!!!

Hello and welcome

The World Peace Flag Organization is a US 501 (c) Non-Profit Organization formed in 1996 with the mission of helping underprivileged children and their families. We provide income for those who are willing to work for it. We are not a religious or political concern. Our By Laws state that when salaries are to begin that no one person working for this Organization will earn more than $500 a week in salary, however, “Cause Affliate tm” commission are unlimited!!! So far all work has been done on a volunteer basis. We believe we will become known as the Non-Profit who gives away the highest percentage of its income to help others.

WE are happy to announce the implementation of our Socials Network Peace Social.net,com, org, INFO  is free to join just like Facebook, ning, myspace,lineken etc. or it has the option for your to become a “CAUSE AFFILIATEtm” via www.PeaceSocial.com and you would support us with $30.00 per month and select by category where you want your funding to go. EXAMPLE: You want your support to go to “Children's causes”; you can select sub categories (1) Food (2) education (3) Clean water (4) Health (5) education (6) music (7) housing. (8) Toys for Tots Etc One third will be directed to that charitable category, one third will be redirected back to the participating affiliates and one third for administration to help re-build Noah's Ark Renaissance Theme Parks with 100% of profits to National and International charities. Visit: www.worldpeaceflag.org for more information on our parks. In appreciation of your support you will have the choice each month of over 100 complementary ebooks. We will be adding commission Peace Products as we progress. A Distribution Committee with disburse the funds. You can have your favorite charity be added to the Distribution Committee for possible funding. Once you have started three people in your Social Network and you help them start three people at levels five you will begin to receive an income of $486.00 per month for help us to help others. Your monthly income can be much higher - See chart just below. If you choose to help and not earn a commission that is an option. Your network pages can be in any name and for any thing you wish to promote or just about yourself. It can be a simple personal site through PeaceSocial.com. Also, available is a 40 hour internet training on Grants-writing which may earn commissions. A WIN WIN WIN opportunity.

Your charity category WINS – YOU WIN – MISSION of Noah's Ark Theme Parks WIN

Level #


# OF Sub Affiliates

Total Monthly Commission

























If your started with 5 people through 5 levels your monthly commission could be $4,690.00 per month. The KEY is to make sure the people you start at level one enroll at least three people each. Etc etc etc.............. Facebook has 900+ million people on their network. In Feb 2011 they had over 1 million new net workers. You only need to start three people who you in turn help to start three people who want to contribute to charitable causes and earn additional income. You will probably not know your sub-affiliates on levels 3-5 but through PeaceSocial.com you will have the opportunity to see their pictures and meet them. You must be 18 or older to participate in our “Cause Affiliatetm” program. Under 18 you can join network FREE but not as a "Cause Affiliate"tmtm. The Cause Affiliatetm options is not available to residents of North Dakota US.

NOTE; Marketing plan copyrighted, Trade Marked, and registered with World Intellectual Property Org,

The power of multiple (Affiliate) marketing is astounding; would you sooner have 1 person working for you that earns you $50.00 a day or 100 people working for you that earns you $1.00 per day = $100.00. Here is another example: get you calculator out and put into it $.01 cents and now hit the “X” 2 key 29 times – in other words start with a penny and double the amount for 29 days and you will end up with $1,342,144.00 in your bank account.

In 1996 Amazon. com started one of the hottest Marketing Ideas on the Internet today. That is Affiliate Marketing. Earning a percentage of commission by help other people market their products or services. Earn passive income by simply linking in your PeaceSocial.com personal or business page. Also, at your own web site if you have one. Simply a proposed sub-affiliate goes to your PeaceSocial.com page and clicks on a banner or text link (your choice) and they fill-out 8 questions and that’s it. The software program is 99.9% accurate and it will place your new affiliates in the best possible order. Our Certified Public Accountant is: Fermin Accounting, Beverly Hills, CA

There are people who are earning, all around this world, so disproportionately to the action they are offering that you could not possibly reconcile the wealth that's flowing to them. You just can't reconcile it. There are a majority of people that are accustomed to performing an action and receiving a financial response. Performing an action and receiving a financial response. And when your income is tied to an action the amount that you can receive, proportionately, is minuscule. With Affiliate income say to yourself “I'm willing to play the game differently, I'm willing to accept on faith, maybe a little, that all of the struggling that I've done has put a lot of money for me in a vibrational escrow, and I'm willing to go on faith that this universe is abundance and that there is an open valve for me through which I can receive abundance. I'm willing to go along with new ideas. And I'm willing to play it ;that way for just a little while where instead of considering action in relationship to money, I instead consider EMOTION in relationship to money. How do I feel about money? How do I feel about money” I'm gonna leverage through emotion rather than bang it our through action”. Now that does not mean stop your action. Go to work marketing your affiliate programs as instructed. Let the money come in slowly. In other words do not pinch the smaller amounts off. Let it come. But while its coming, appreciate it. While its coming, look forward to it. While its coming, complement yourself and compliment others. In other words let it be an energy game while you're living the action game, because you can do both. It doesn't have to one or the other.


This is not get rich quick – you must put in time and effort to succeed”


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"Promote Peace - help yourself and favorite cause"

If you have a product or service that nobody

knows about it is not much good...................


T- Shirts etc soon to be available with following local


Following is artists concept of the ARK....

The EXACT SIZE Replica ark(s) is not designed to float and will be built out of a plastic like material which is used on plastic rocks etc at Theme Parks.  Plastic can last  for a 1,000 or more years”  “A 1,000 or more years of the World living at peace”   “It will be a  place were the human family can working together without any interference by any one religion or countries government.”  It will be approximately a foot ball field and a half long, at least 75 feet wide and three stores high with the upper housing area constructed so it can be easily remove for concerts, plays and other group activities.  The bottom story will be the entrance and will have a round motion picture screen which will show a short film on the original ark and the construction of the replica.  Showing briefly why the original Ark was build, but, more importantly WHY we should change our way of thinking and live more in” peace and joy-helping others.” The room will have an “Honor Wall” showing the pictures and names of the people who “made it happen”.  Level two will be shops and restaurants.  Top level:  restaurant and/or stage.  The surrounding area will be a Renaissance Theme Park with a small children’s zoo area and a Hotel.   Location(s) is yet to be determined. The project will be owned by “The Human Family” via WPFO By Laws and Articles of Constitution and distribution of profits with go per our By Laws.

A is for Acts R is for Random and K is for Kindness


WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING (the affiliate or member) promotes another web site product or services (the merchant) in exchange for commission. It is a revolutionary method of driving profits though revenue sharing relationships between online merchants and content sites. Affiliate Marketing makes products available to the consumer on virtual shelf space across the Web, creating more opportunities for merchants to generate sales for affiliates to earn revenues from their sites and for consumers to find the products and services they want on the Web. Probably the most well know site is Amazon. com. Affiliates place the advertising banner or test link, of the PeaceSocial.com on their personal PeaceSocial.com sites and receive a commission when those links generate a new Affiliate. A few notable companies offering Affiliate Marketing on the internet are: Amazon, Ebay, Sears, Macy's, Target, Staples , ATT, Overstock . Com and Best Buy. We use the same software to keep track of commissions which are automatically deposit in your PayPal account each month. (you must start a pay pal account which is free by going to paypal.com.) Once you have this account anytime you want you can transfer (free) to your personal or business checking account. They also have a credit card available.

Read this over very carefully. In less than 180 days you could be raising $500 - $1500 per month of passive income for you or your Organization for years using the techniques you are about to learn! You'll be amazed at what you can achieve in such a short time!

WPFO currently is generating income by providing a first in a series of 10 annual World Peace Flags for donations in any amount. The first Flag is a flag of 197 Countries in the World in the year 1996 and is given to our supports along with the International Book of Facts which has interesting facts about each of the 197 Countries on the Flag. Together the flag and book becomes an educational tool that teaches geography, peace and love. The First year’s flag was conceived in Oct 96 and we realize that the World changes each day. If your Countries Flag was not included and you want it to be please advise and if there is another years Peace Flag with Countries of the World on it will be included.

Our goal is to provide via our Acquisition Committee, a different style World Peace Flag each year for the next 4 years. At the end of 10 years the Human Family will vote as to which Flag will become the International Flag of Peace. If you or your Organization wants to submit a Flag to be considered as one of the annual World Peace Flags please do so at www.worldpeaceflag.org. If your Flag is Chosen by our Committee you will receive World publicity and have a lot of fun helping us to help others. Flags are available at consignment to other Non-Profits as fundraiser.

Really great opportunities produce results very quickly...and there are hundreds and thousands of great businesses on the Net, any of which could make you rich in very short order. The trouble is that none of them really know how what it takes to become successful on the Web and have no solid success solutions to pass on to their affiliates. Consequently, everybody wanders aimlessly from one "Opportunity" to the other, spending big dollars on registration fees, highly dangerous mailing lists, and a multitude of other worthless marketing aids. You can have the best cause or product in the world and if nobody knows about it is going nowhere.

It is particularly frustrating to see all of this happening, when the real success secrets cost practically nothing, and work so very well.

But you are here now, and that's what this booklet is all about...to teach you how to find, or develop, a web-based program on which you can build a successful Fund Raising business.

Before we go on, let's acknowledge that computer and Internet technologies move so fast that the ideas that wouldn't work yesterday are powering the most successful companies today! On the other hand, a proliferation of useless marketing techniques, coupled with a powerful anti-business climate on the Web, has almost brought Free Enterprise on the Net to its knees! The fact is, that the same techniques used by AOL and many other of the hugely successful Internet companies are still the only ones that are effective today!

So let's get going. I know you're anxious to learn how to make your Internet Marketing efforts pay off! So follow me carefully and, whatever you do, don't quit!

I have always believed that "working smart" - not hard - was the key to success. The problem, I guess, was with the meaning of the phrase "working smart". It's a very ambiguous term. What does it really means? Is working smart, getting someone to do the work for you as Tom Sawyer did when he needed to get the fence painted? Or does it have something to do with priorities? And, how does it apply to business in Cyberspace?

Is placing 300 classified ads with an auto-submit program "working smart" or does the answer depend on the results achieved? Perhaps "working smart" would be placing ads in E-zines instead? But then again, maybe not. Do you share my confusion? It's no wonder we find ourselves still working hard.

Now, after countless hours in front of my computer I have finally concluded that what I had thought was working smart, was really more like 'working like a slave!' Here I was, doing all of the "right" things, posting messages on newsgroups, sending emails, submitting my site to search engines, and placing countless Classified Ads, and getting nowhere.

What was I doing wrong? My ads were packed with every motivating word and phrase in the "Internet Guide to Writing Effective Advertising Copy". One of my headlines read: "New! Learn How to Make Big Money with no Investment".

Read it again. It's powerful! It contains four, high impact, motivating, messages in only 10 words...

New opportunity,
Learn How
Make lots of money,

It should have worked. But it didn't do any better than "This Dumb Little Ad.....” I was on the verge of going back into some kind of real world business, except that I didn't have any capital left.

Then I got the idea of studying the people who have become Extremely Wealthy using the Internet, and duplicating what they did. Soon, I began to realize that most of the very rich Internet entrepreneurs worked night and day while they were getting their business up and running, but once they got the momentum going, they didn't have to work hard anymore at all. Indeed many Internet Tycoons started with nothing but an idea and a dream and now have enough money to buy Hong Kong...and enough time and freedom to enjoy it!

Now that's what I call true success... having lots of money and the good health and freedom to enjoy life with your family and friends! What good is a bank full of money if you are working 18 hours a day, seven days of the week? You've got to be able to earn your money automatically...remotely...and without spending a lot of time and energy doing it! You need endless amounts of money pouring into your bank account while you enjoy life to the fullest!

That's what I want for you and that's why we are going "fishing". I'm going to teach you what to do to get exactly what you want out of life. Like the successful entrepreneurs I just talked about, you will have to work very hard for a while learning how to bait your hooks and cast your nets, but then you'll gradually see the money starting to pour in. Soon you'll be able to put your business on auto-pilot and turn your attention to the things that make life worthwhile.

My first reason for putting this program together was that I am a great believer in Napoleon Hill, one of the greatest motivational writers of all time, and he convinced me, through his book "Think and Grow Rich" that the pure, unselfish act of helping others is, in itself, the surest road to riches and reward. 


What Affiliates Must Know about Compliance

Gone are the days when affiliates can promote an offer any way they please, using any keywords any text they want. With consumers complaining more and more when they don’t get specifically what the asked for and with consumer watchdog organizations looking for any reason to strike, affiliates need to educate themselves. Compliance requirements are changing weekly it seems, and with more and more verticals coming under scrutiny, affiliates must find out specifically what is allowed and what isn’t allowed. The FTC seems to have made it clear that they are planning on taking action against anyone, including affiliates who don’t follow the rules – making it more important to know what is going on.

Here are a few key points on what affiliates need to know and keep in mind:
1) Always follow the instructions in an offer completely. Those instructions you see in offers aren’t “suggestions” but guides that tell you specifically what is allowed and what is not allowed. If there are any questions, always ask an affiliate manager and then follow their instructions also. Keep records of what the affiliate manager told you to review, and also if there is a disagreement in the future, to point out. Know that being creative is great, but if you are too creative you could be inadvertently breaking some law or guideline.
2) Always work with reputable networks. If a network has been the target of compliance investigations or enforcement actions from the Federal Trade Commission, Attorney Generals or any other organization, keep far away. You need to know that the network that you are working with has your back, and if they are breaking the law, they will hang you out to dry. Make sure that the CPA network that you are signed up to has a knowledgeable legal staff, compliance division and a clean record.
3) Don’t trust what you are told – if you are making money in this business, you need to know what is going on. Protecting yourself from possible compliance actions will always be worth it. Too many people in the industry have found what it means when their bank accounts are frozen, their offices shut down and their reputation ruined just because they are “suspected” in being involved in something not-ethical. Always make sure what you are doing follows guidelines legally and ethically.

At PeaceSocial Network we will try to keep abreast of current changes as it relates to affiliate marketing and advise of same. We have made available a complementary 40 hours of video marketing training so you can be assured we are doing everything according to law and all will benefit with the most amount of income with least amount of time and effort.



Before we proceed I want you to put aside any preconceived ideas you may have on how to market your product or idea on the Internet. Forget all the advice you've been given until now. I need you to concentrate on every single word you are about to read. If you are skeptical, put your doubts aside until you've finished reading the whole booklet, then you can decide whether the information I'm giving you is credible or not. In the meantime, just read on!

If you have already had some negative experience on the Internet, forget about that too! You must understand that you have been working with useless concepts and techniques. Yes, they are useless, even though they are still be used and taught by almost every marketing Guru on the Internet.

The fact is that none of the highly-hyped promotion techniques like auto-hits, surf4hits, pop-ups, classifieds, opt-in mailers, banner exchanges, search engines, and auto-responders, work! They might bring in dibs and drabs, but never enough to pay your monthly costs! To be successful on the Internet requires a complete re-think of all of your current Internet marketing precepts.

What I am going to show you is the simple marketing methods used by all of the Internet giants. Once you discover these techniques and start using them in your own on-line business, you will wonder why everybody doesn't adopt the same strategies! You will learn by watching and re-watching video.

It is important to realize that business on the Internet is not at all like business as usual. Nothing on the web is tangible...except the money that can flow into your bank account if you do things right! I'll be talking quite a bit about the differences between real-world marketing and selling on the Net, but right now, I just want you understand that there is a huge difference between normal commercial enterprise and business on the Internet!

To be a successful Web "fisherman" you must be winner in every sense of the term, so the first thing you have to do is start thinking like one! That means having a good self-image a strong sense of well-being. More importantly, you must reflect that image in every cyberspace contact. It is crucial to your business success!

So, if you are going to be a winner, you have to know that you're a winner. You have to view yourself as a truly wealthy person and start thinking and acting like one. It must be reflected in every e-mail you write to everyone. No more messages without salutations or signatures. No more commercial signature messages. No more antagonistic words or phrases.

In your real life, try to have $20 to $100 cash in your pockets at all times...even if you have to borrow it. You don't have to spend it, just carry it! It's very comforting and gives a big boost to your self-image. You are no longer poor! You can prove it any time. You have more money in your pocket than almost anybody!

Plan on buying a new car soon. Go to a few car dealers and get some brochures. Browse over them with your family and get a consensus of what make and model you will buy within the next year.

Now your commitment to success is becoming real and almost irrevocable! But don't stop there. Get some travel guides to share with your family, and plan a dream vacation! Make sure everybody knows you are serious! You are going to be working very hard for the next couple of months, and you will need their support. Set a travel date for six months or a year from now. By then your business will be well established and therefor be nothing holding you back. Go first class!

Dexter Yeager of Amway puts it this way: "if the dream is big enough, the facts don't count."

That's very true, but there are some rules you must follow to make your dreams come true!


The first key is Timing. Being in the right place at the right time. Well, this is the right time and the right place. You wouldn't be here if you didn't already believe that, would you?

Yes, the Internet is the right place! It offers you a potential customer base of more than 2.1 billion people! And more than 1,000,000 new web sites are being created every month. What a fantastic opportunity! You couldn't possibly expect that kind of a market in the real world unless you had a chain of stores as big as 7-11 or Wal-Mart. They both also have web sites.

The second key is Vision. You have to be able to see the opportunity and predict your eventual success. I hope that by the end of this booklet I will have opened your eyes to the fantastic opportunities available to you on the Web. If I can do that, you'll be on your way to an exciting, wonderful new life. Within a very short time, you'll have more money than you ever dreamed possible.

The third key is Action. Action is the most critical of the three Keys to Success....Action! Acting upon the opportunity.... going one step farther than most people do. Most people will agree that you have to get started to be successful...yet they put it off.

There are always a thousand reasons for not starting something right away....but procrastination is just another way of turning your back on opportunity. Remember, opportunity knocks just once, but misfortune leans on the doorbell!

You know that success is the result of actions not intentions. So if I can reveal how to make big money on the Internet with practically no capital outlay, why in the world would you put it off? Could it be fear of failure? Worry about what your friends will think? Well you can easily avoid criticism; just do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.

Don't let the amazing opportunities afforded by the Internet slip out of focus. Act right now!

Dr. William James, of Harvard, often called the Father of American Psychology, says that if you are going to make a change in your life, you should "do it immediately and flamboyantly"! Whatever you do after you have signed the Commitment to Yourself below, get started immediately developing your new Internet Marketing business ....and do it "flamboyantly"....with all the energy, enthusiasm and excitement you can muster! You've got to be either part of the steam roller, or part of the pavement.

These three keys are the catalyst that makes the following Success Secrets work. But they won't do you any good if you don't act at once and put them to work for you right away. Remember, you aren't alone on the Internet. There are millions of other people trying to sell other products and business opportunities and products to your potential contributors. All types of charities are looking for support. Don't wait until they've committed to something else! Start today and you could build an income for your or your Non-Profit in excess of $1,000 per month within 180 days and it will continue and GROW forever!

As important as they are, however, these three keys will do nothing more than get you started on the road to success. Now you have to learn how to "walk the walk". There are ten important steps you must take. But, I think you'll find them easy, logical and effective.

Chapter 4: Pre-requisites for Success

Set your Goals. The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want...then devote all your energies to getting it! There isn't a success or motivation program in the country that doesn't stress the importance of establishing firm personal and business goals. The logic of this step is clear. Do you ever go on vacation without establishing where you're going beforehand? Would you even think of going job-hunting without deciding what kind of work you want? You don't even go to the Spa without have some goal in mind.

So, if you are going to conduct an enormously successful Internet business don't you agree that you should have some firmly established goals? But don't worry. I'll help you with those as we go along. For now, just use the goal we've already talked about: an income of more that gives you passive income of 1,000 or more per month within 180 days and it can grow & grow!


Today’s date is __________________, it is the day I have chosen to acknowledge and write down my Organizations/Personal Goals.

I am to be more enthusiastic, feel more fulfilled, motivated and organized. I want to accomplish more projects. I am ready to do more for myself and others. I want to use my talents and mind fully. I want to make better decisions, have more purpose, greater confidence and self esteem.

This is the day I will commit the few hours necessary to acknowledge and write my goals for me and/or my Organization.

__________________________________Sign your name – make the commitment!

In 1964 a study was done of the graduating class of 1964 Yale University. It was found that 2% of the class had a written, formulated, precise set of goals for their lives. Twenty years later the study went back and found that the 2% with written, formulated precise goals were worth more collectively that the other 98% of the class put together.

Before you write down your goals consider the follow:

Chapter 5:

1. BE SPECIFIC: Make sure that the intent is clear; be sure that you really want to do it. How does the outcome look, sound, feel and smell? The more sensory rich your description the more power your brain has to create your results. SEE and FEEL the being.

2. BE POSITIVE: In order for there to be ups, there must be downs. Remember all your failures, so when you succeed You can look back and have pride that you had strength enough overcome. Have you ever noticed someone in a checkout line who appeared old and cranky? You were probably turned off by their apparent crabbiness. But suddenly they smiled or made some humorous remark. Your perception of the person changed instantly. Now then, suddenly, they are warm, pleasant and attractive. What an amazing transformation!

If you're not using your smile, you’re like a man with a million dollars in the bank and no checkbook.

Make sure you project the right kind of image. Try to appear pleasant and cheerful at all times. Develop a perpetual smile. Of course, a pleasant appearance is not important for business on the Internet, but it is critical to your off-line happiness.

Zig Ziglar advises ebullience! Even to go so far as to respond to the greeting "how are you" with a statement like: "Fantastic. But I'm getting better!" or "perfect. But I'm improving." Can you see how this response will create a good first impression? Always remember that attitude is highly contagious. So make sure yours is worth catching!

A good, positive, cheerful attitude is one the most important features of your success profile. You'll seldom find a successful person who doesn't think that every day is the best day of his life. Do you feel that way? You should, because today is the only day you have!

So, greet every day enthusiastically. Wouldn't it be terrible if you missed one? And stop referring to your wake-up device as an "alarm" clock. It's an "Opportunity Clock"! It wakens you to new opportunities that never existed before. Greet them with excitement and joy!

Amway has built a network of more than 3,000,000 active distributors, and has grown continuously for more than 40 years, on a solid base of positive thinking! They don't sell toothpaste and Laundry Detergent, they sell healthy mental attitudes!

Nothing is more important than maintaining a positive attitude toward your business. Let the smallest negative thought creep into your mind, and your goals will shrivel and disappear! Your enterprise will die!

As you start to apply the techniques of this Success Fund Raising System, you are going to make some mistakes. There's no doubt about it. Don't dwell on them. Learn something from them and move on. Be like Thomas Edison. When interviewed about his tremendous success by Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, Mr. Edison said that he couldn't help but succeed. He'd had more than 10,000 failures and just ran out of things that wouldn't work! How does your attitude compare with Edison's? Have you finally run out of things that wouldn't work?

3. BE FOCUSED beyond your goals: This makes the goal only a stepping stone and easier to reach. How will you feel and look once your goal is completed? If you don’t know how you will feel and look once you have completed your goals you might already be their. You could be winning and feel like you are losing if you don’t keep score. It is a fact that we all move in the direction of our most dominant thought, so stay focused.

One of the reasons for establishing a clear-cut plan is to avoid wasting time and energy going down dead-end streets and switch- back roads. It's important to get to your goal as quickly as possible. What time-wasting activities should you avoid? Well, they DO NOT include your leisure-time activities. Your goal is to create a massive income with the free time to enjoy it. You don't want to avoid leisure-time activities, you want to INCREASE them! No. The time-wasting activities I am referring to are things like taking a part-time JOB. Nothing could be more detrimental to your plans for Success.

A little later, I am going to show you how to put your business on auto-pilot so that you are not wasting your time working! Isn't that why you're reading this booklet? You want to lead the good life.

4. BE IN CONTROL: Avoid overloading. Your goals must be exactly that, YOUR goals. They must not be dependent upon other people or things having to change to keep you happy.

5. BE ADVENTUROUS: Take risk and “GO FOR IT” Pretend you are a child again, before you began to hear the word NO. Go beyond this limiting belief system. Shoot for the stars and you will become one. If anybody has done it, so can you. If no one has done it. You CAN!! If you believe you can.

6. BE FUN: Make sure that you are doing what you enjoy!

"Everything you ever desired can be achieved when you truly enjoy what you are doing, for pleasure is our prime motivator. If you get pleasure from what you do, you can do anything!"

The only difference between a Good life And a Bad one is your ATTITUDE! Make your goals fun. If they’re not they won’t work for you. In changing your behavior you have to substitute every habit with something as good as or better.

Enjoy something that could make you more than $2,000 a week, right? Well that's not necessary true. It's difficult to remember, when you are to your neck in alligators, that your main objective was to drain the swimming pool. Your job can be tedious...or even terrifying...if you don't enjoy.

Keep your mind set firmly set on your goals or the first setback that comes along will be devastating! Even the sheer boredom of repetitive successes can wear you out long before you reach your goal! You see, it's more than just a matter of raising money for your organization; it's the challenge and the exhilaration of success that makes the effort worth while.

WRITE YOU GOALS DOWN, however, before you do take a few minutes and close you eyes and dream of how you want to be. Pretend you are a kid again with NO LIMITATIONS. Dream and dream big for if you were not suppose to have your goals the Creator would not have given you the idea and desire to see it to its completions. Say to yourself, “I am a wonderful Being. There is nothing that I cannot achieve. The World addresses itself to me always in positive ways. Everything always works out magnificently for me. I live a charmed life. Things are suppose to and always do, go well for me. Seas part for me. I have the resources of the Universe at my disposal. I live in an environment where I am inspired to a new thought. And as soon as I give birth to it, things align in order to bring me the actualization or the manifestation of it. I am an extension of Source Energy. I am good and because I am good, good thins come to me. And if I am sick it is temporary because it is natural that I be well. And if I am not abundant of things that are important to me, it is temporary because it is natural that I be abundant. And there is nothing that I am supposed to do, but all kings of things that I want to do.........Now write your fund raising goals in a positive manner . TAKE AUCTION…..

Chapter 6: Establish Deadlines for your goals

Until you value yourself; you won't value your time. Until you value your time, you will not value yourself.

You'll notice that when we set our goal firmly at more than $1,000 or more per month, we also added a time frame of 180 days.

This may seem like a small point, but it's an extremely important one. A goal without a deadline for achievement is no goal at all. Imagine going on a diet and resolving to lose 36 pounds without any sort of time-frame. The diet is doomed to failure.

Let's use the diet example to explore this discussion just a little bit more. The overweight person's main goal might be to lose 36 pounds in three months. Your main goal is to earn more than $1,000 or more per month in 180 days. The dieter would probably want to break his diet goal down a little and redefine it as: lose 3 pounds a week for three months.

Your financial goal might be restated as well. How about planning to make just $100 in your first month, while you're doing your planning and testing? The second month, you'll probably see your earnings rise to $500 as you become more comfortable with your new program. Your income should double again to more than $1,000 in your fourth month, and then soar past your $1,000 or more per month goal by the end of the 180 day deadline!

One of the most important reasons for establishing these marker points in your goal is to help you overcome inertia...your natural inclination to put things off!

"Good things come to those who wait, but they are just left-overs from those who hustled."

Every human being possesses an element of laziness. Particularly when faced with what seems like an impossible task...and, at first, earning a fund raising income of $1,000 or more per month may appear to be an unlikely possibility to you.

On the other hand, $100 a week isn't such a big deal and achieving a first small goal like this will help establish a pattern for success and give you much more confidence in your ability to achieve unlimited success! Once you have proved to yourself that my system actually works, you won't have trouble raising $200, $1000 and much, much more within a very short time.

ACTION: One month from now I want to be making __________per week.

Three months from now I want to be raising __________per week.

One year from now my Organization or I will be receiving ______per week.

Chapter 7:
How will I obtain my Goals?

"If you don’t plan to succeed you have planned to fail!"

OK. We have established goals, instituted timetables and set up milestones. Now you've got to make a plan for achieving these goals. This is sort of like charting the route to your vacation destination. If you just hopped into your car and started out without any idea what direction to go, what highways to travel on, or what cities you'd pass through along the way, what do you think would be the chances of reaching your destination? However, I don't want you to develop your plan just yet. This is far too important a step to take before you get all the facts of this program. So let's just set it aside for the moment, until you've become fully conversant with all of the details of the secrets for success program.

Once again, don't worry. I will guide you all the way in this. My goal is to teach you everything you need to know to start getting results quickly. If you'll let me take you by the hand, you will have the opportunity to start making unbelievable money within 180 days! You may be earning for you or your Non Profit Organization at least $1,000 per week, week after week, month after month, year after year, for a least the next 10 years.

Avoid contact with Negative people.

"An athlete striving to become the best, Lets nothing stand in the way;

not even the coach."

If you want to be successful, it's important to associate only with positive people. You must shut out the negative opinions of your negative friends and relatives. No matter what business you get into, they will bombard you with doubts and discouragement. Unless they are already successful in the business you are contemplating, their opinions cannot contribute to your success...only to your failure! Negative people will tell you: "that will never work. There's got to be a catch somewhere...mark my words".

The fact is that while negative people hesitate because they feel inferior, positive people are busy making mistakes...and becoming superior!

Have you ever talked with an ex-Amway distributor? According to them, Amway products are good, but the distribution system is evil! In attempting to justify their own failures they completely forget that Amway has created thousands of millionaires in its 40 years in business. It's not that the system failed them, they failed the system!

Remember that failure is only a temporary situation; Giving up is what makes it permanent. Maintain a good positive attitude at all times.

Associate with People who share your goals and values.

"Not all are blessed with great ability, But with teamwork and perseverance, all can accomplish great things."

 "Together we are making a World of Difference!!!"

I suggest that you begin immediately to make friends with the most successful members of your business and in your community. Find ways to be around, and communicate with people who share your goals and values.

You can think of many good examples of the importance of associating with like-minded individuals. They are everywhere around you. One of the best examples I can think of is the very successful Alcoholics Anonymous program. Recovering alcoholics regularly attend meetings to gain support from others who share their desire to escape this terrible addiction. They know that to reestablish association with former "drinking buddies" would result in regression back to their former self-destructive lifestyles.

Your interest, of course, is in your own personal success. That's why you are reading this booklet. You might think then, that it would be important to associate with other entrepreneurs and business people…particularly with those who are successful. It is! It is equally important to disengage yourself from those who are neither successful, nor ambitious.

Help Others Become Successful!

"A candle never loses any of its light by lighting another candle. You needn't share your riches; just show others how to obtain their own."

THE KEY: Help your first team level sub-affiliate start at least three affiliates each.

Most Millionaire Entrepreneurs became rich as a direct result of this Success secret: lending a helping hand to other people! Of all the Success Secrets this is probably the most important. It's not purely an altruistic principle...it's a very practical one too. In fact, it's the very foundation of the Network Marketing industry, which has been responsible for the creation of more wealth than any other business. It's the most important factor in every home based business. The principle can be stated thus: Help enough other people to become successful and you can't help but be successful yourself.

To illustrate this truth, suppose you are the Sales Manager of a Traditional Corporation. It is your paid responsibility to train and motivate your salesmen to a degree that will allow them to earn significant commission checks. If you do your job well, your salesmen will earn more money, the company will prosper and your "overrides" will get bigger. Theoretically you could become rich if you helped enough salesmen make large enough checks.

There's another intangible, but no less important, reward for helping other people... the fact that when we attempt to bring out the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves. Who isn't proud of knowing that they have been at least partially responsible for another person's success!

I developed this program because a lot of people - perhaps yourself - will be grateful that I introduced it to them.

Because you have brought someone to your web site and they clicked on a link to ours this person and/or Organization has chooses to become an Affiliate themselves. They are now your Sub-Affiliate as explained above and every time someone makes contributions to WPFO for a product your Sub-Affiliate earns commission and so do you or your Organization.

So your mission is the same as ours: To help others to help us so that we can help others.

Chapter 8:
Techniques to Success

It's time now to guide you through some of the techniques we'll use to establish an enormous Fund Raising income for you and or your Organization! In the new few pages, you are going to teach you how business on the Web really works. I'll also discuss the principles of pricing and the advantages of doing business on auto-pilot!

MLMs offer extremely high residual incomes and relative freedom. In fact, Network Marketing has been responsible for the creation of more Millionaires than any other single type of business.

The problem is that only about 3% of those who purchase distributorship ever make any money. The rest, 97%, lose their investments, friends and their dreams!

Finally, there's the Internet with its vast potential. Start up costs for business in Cyberspace are practically zero. You already have a computer, a desk to sit it on, a telephone line and an Internet connection. You don't need a business license, automobile, business cards, stationary or employees. And you can sit around in your underwear if you want!

It's a pretty easy decision to make, isn't it? But don't think you get away completely Scot-free! This is a new environment and there are lots to learn! I promise you that learning it by drifting around aimlessly and joining every well-hyped scam that you come across is NOT the way to get yourself educated! It is costly and demoralizing!

On the other hand, if you learn the secrets of how to successfully market one program, you can make money with any other program...as long as it generates excitement and enthusiasm in the hearts and minds of most visitors to the website! You see, as in almost everything commercial, the real value of any product, from hair shampoo to movies, is created by the packaging and promotion!

Anyway, I know you have already made up your mind that you have your mind made up for a business on the Internet, so I have to give you a couple of very hard and fast rules to get started.

1. If you have already been working on the web for some time, you are probably affiliated with one, two or a dozen programs, with both free and paid memberships.
The very fact that you are reading this manual tells me that they are all failures for you! Drop them immediately! Erase them from your browser and your mind. Cancel your subscriptions today!

Try not to belong to more than one business opportunity at a time...unless the second can be used to enhance sales of the first! STAY FOCUSED!!!

2. The World Peace Flag Affiliate Marketing Program is exciting, ethical, and legitimate, and offer residual income system for 10 years or more. You or your Organization will earn ADDITIONAL income by helping your Sub-Affiliates to do the same.
3. Forget all about every marketing method you ever used before and employ the system you will learn here. Nothing else works!
4. Stay with your program for at least three months and completely ignore anything else that is presented to you for evaluation! Even just looking at other programs will blur your focus and obscure your goals.

You may not agree with these rules, but sometimes you have to ignore the fact that the horse seems blind and just go ahead and load the wagon!

There's one thing that bothers us all, yet, at the same time, keeps us going. And that is the fact that we know, there are some very exciting opportunities with which to earn our fortunes.

For some reason, we have very little information on exactly who or how they did it. We read somewhere that some Florist or Architect from Obscurity, USA, turning a marginal enterprise into a National or International success, but how did they do that?

Examples of the really big Internet winners - and losers - are pretty obvious but it's hard to identify with the dot coms, Netscape’s or giant Software companies. They are way out of our league!

The fact is though, that everyone who got where they are today, started where you are right now!

The fortunes made by Prodigy, Yahoo, Alta Vista and Netscape are excellent examples of "rags to riches" stories. All of these companies started with a simple idea and absolutely NO customers. But their successes were based on technology and we have to rely 100% on our marketing skills to sell something developed by someone else. Or do we?

A fellow named Sloan Wilson said it best. "Success in almost any field depends more on energy and drive than it does on intelligence."

So here we are, cruising around the Web in our new high-speed luxury browsers, guided by Search Engines and Spiders, trying to find Information that will help us in our daily lives and businesses. The information we seek is stored in millions of Web Sites. There are a many great opportunities for enterprising Entrepreneurs like us, but these names don't mean a thing!

There's the Construction business - Web Site construction, that is. The creation of a new site requires html, JavaScript and CGI programming. Graphics and photos are need for backgrounds and banners. The list of ancillaries and services needed is long and varied and a multitude of businesses have been established to service these needs.

Real Estate is also very big on the Web! Because every website needs a home...hard disc space on a reliable server! This has opened up opportunity for Web Hosting businesses like Bizland, Hyper mart, Tripod and Geo Cities etc These companies are aware of the very high value of providing FREE services and offer 10mb or more of FREE Web Page space to anyone who wants one. In fact the competition to attract residents to their servers is so fierce that most provide FREE extras like email accounts, chat rooms, and guest books. Some, like Biz land, even provide FREE homepage building wizards.

Bartering services like Link Exchange offer FREE counters for these pages and provide weekly visitor INFORMATION reports by e-mail to keep their counter users informed about visitors to the site.

A service called Garage Mechanic will analyze and provide FREE information about the quality of the Site.

In fact, the web has almost every kind of business imaginable! There are a large number of very fine, training sites for almost everything including programming (courses, many of them FREE, on how to write HTML and JavaScript code for the creation of more exciting Pages), photography, graphic arts, hacking, nursing, and almost anything else you can think of.

So you see, it's not only Netscape and Microsoft doing successful business on the Net. Hundreds of other Internet Marketers are doing very well too!

Did you notice how often I said "free" in the last couple of paragraphs? Well this is one of the key elements of successful marketing on the Web. And, yes, it is the reason you are reading this very valuable booklet without having to pay anything at all!

We have learned the value of giving our product, or some component of it, away FREE. This is one of the two principle elements of success on the Web!

It certainly is a new world, isn't it? Could you imagine a garage in your town doing tune-ups for free! Or a high-rise office building giving you office space for nothing? Or a car-rental company providing FREE transportation so you could go shopping for a new car or computer? What airline would take you to Brazil at no charge so you could do some research on coffee?

Actually, I do know of one real-world entrepreneur who made a little bit of money using this principle. His name was John D. Rockefeller. He gave away Oil Lamps to create a market for oil.

The reason this principle works so well on the Web is that, aside from the time you spend writing your recipe booklet or developing your software, there are no costs involved for goods and services on the Internet. It's the absence of cost, coupled with the sheer NUMBERS of prospects that makes the whole thing work.

The secret is to attract thousands, or millions of visitors to your website for valuable information or service, without charge, and be able to supply it without cost. Otherwise, it's just not practical. Hopefully, many of them will buy your main product, subscribe to your program, or click on your banners and links to buy things advertised on your pages. In that way, you can earn big money on direct sales, commissions or advertising fees. Do you get the idea?

You probably recognize the Shareware concept in this approach to Internet sales: you are allowed to use the product long enough for you to make a proper evaluation, then charge you if you want to continue using it!

With more than 150,000,000 web-enabled computers in the marketplace, and the Web growing at the rate of more than 1,000,000 new sites per month, and Internet sales projected at more than $1.2 TRILLION within five years, you can make your fortune many times over by following Netscape's lead. Do you use this valuable principle of FREE in the promotion of your current product?

As you've seen, the amount of money you can make on the Internet is almost unbelievable. Imagine! Two point four Billion dollars for an Internet Service Provider (AOL) whose service is inferior to that offered by most local Sips - many of whom feel lucky to have 1,000 subscribers. And it's all done automatically. You never see or talk with a single soul! What a business! $2.4 Billion per year!

Can you see why I can promise you fund raising income of more than $1,000 a week working just a few hours a day? Even when you are on vacation? Take your laptop with you and start your e-mail blaster each night just before you go to bed, then check your bank account in the morning.

What other kind of business could you run in this fashion? Could anything be easier? Certainly not "Business As Usual". There is nothing in the world that can tie you more tightly to your work than the need to take and fill orders for "guns or butter", WPFO fills all the orders.

Chapter 9: The Answer for the Perfect Marketing Plan

In 1996 Amazon. com started one of the hottest Marketing Ideas on the Internet today. That is Affiliate Marketing. Earning a percentage of commission by help other people market their products or services. Earn passive income by simply linking web sites.

WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING (the affiliate or member) promotes another web site product or services (the merchant) in exchange for commission. It is a revolutionary method of driving profits though revenue sharing relationships between online merchants and content sites. Affiliate Marketing makes products available to the consumer on virtual shelf space across the Web, creating more opportunities for merchants to generate sales for affiliates to earn revenues from their sites and for consumers to find the products and services they want on the Web. Probably the most well know site is Amazon. com. Affiliates place the advertising banner or test link on their Peace Social sites worldwide and receive a commission when those links generate a Sub Affiliates support. A few notable companies offering Affiliate Marketing on the internet are: Amazon, Ebay, Google ,Sears, Macy's, Target, Staples , ATT, Overstock etc Com and best buy.

With Affiliate Marketing we at the World Peace Flag Organization are recruiting others to partner with us in exchange for commissions. We provide advertising banners and text links that our Affiliate place on their web site and/or PeaceSoical.com page. The software that keeps track of the click through will remember for a period of 30 days where a click through came from and it is 99.9% accurate in tracking commissions.


1. WE makes no guarantees. PeaceSocial.com Monthly contributions of $30.00 (check with your tax preparer as to what may be deductible) will pay compensations paid out in three tiers at a 33.3% factor. By staring only three people through 5 levels and you help them to start three people you will begin to receive $486.00 or more per month income. Soon you may be over $1,000.00 or more per month. Tier (1) $3 each, (2) $2 each (3) $2 each (4) $2 each and (5) $1 each affiliate. You will receive a choice of ebooks each month for your support. WHY IT IS EFFECTIVE Affiliate and/or Membership Marketing allows you to profit online with your current business or web site without the hassle of handling our products. Your web site and the marketing program you will learn works 24/7. You simply join our program by answering a short form questionnaire and place one of our banners or text links to your site and we do most of the rest.

There is no point trying to sell something just because you like it. The marketability of the product is the main concern. The time for Peace and Peace Products is NOW!!!

You see, there are four primary conditions for successful marketing on the Internet and unless the product meets them all, it is impossible to create real wealth with it.


What are these conditions? They can be summarized quickly in one short sentence: to be truly successful, your product must solve a problem that is of concern to most people, at the time they are thinking about it, and do that quickly and easily! That's quite a mouthful, isn't it? But, it does make a lot of sense when you think about it. Let's break it down a little and look at the four conditions separately. Most people want PEACE, however, they do not know WHAT to do about it. Peace products are an emotional buy and MOST people will contribute if they only knew where and how to help. Most people want to feed and house the homeless but believe they cannot do anything about it. The Peace Flag Program shows them a way to help. They will feel apart of a 10 years project to help others by supporting your concern and ours by purchasing PEACE PRODUCTS and our “Cause Affiliate”tm Program. It will help them to feel at peace within themselves. It is quick and easy by simply supporting our cause via credit cards at our site. For World Peace to happen we MUST begin with ourselves, and then have peace in our family, our town, our State, our Countries and then we will have PEACE THROUOUT THE WORLD. Following is a Poem that was inspired by Self Realization Center you might want to say yourself when you seek some inner peace:

I know that I am a Child of the Creator
We have instilled in my mind that no matter
what happen I AM CALM
When worries come to mind I WAIT CALMLY and
I am shown the PEACEFUL way
I am overflowing with the POWERFUL SUBSTANCE
Of Peace. It manifest within
I am Peace - I let go!
Worries dissolve when in meditation I spray
them with the POWER OF PEACE
I am Peace - I let go!
For the good of all creation - PEACE WINS
I AM PEACE!!! And so it is...

Know that within you is GREAT Power. It is a gift of life to you from your Creator. You have made contact with this power and your burdens have become easy and your load light. Release and let go of all fear and negativity. The power is within you. You have taken mastery over your thinking. See the clarity in your minds eye and your goals and therefore they become real. You are aligned with your highest good. The intangible power is now tangible for your. It is the reality of your being. Your have turned on the master switch that sends the dynamic life force to your body, mind and your emotions. You now live in grace and ease. Your are a goal setter and a successful achiever. You are free in a free World - NOW and forever.

Most people will happily pay for something that will solve some pressing problem that concerns them. In other words you should (1) offer something to provide solutions. (2) Of interest to almost everybody. In fact, the bulk of products and services offered on the Web are attractive to a very tiny percentage of people. Take, for example, an e-mail offering to show people how to "Old-fashioned Strawberry Jam you can make in 20 Minutes". What percentage of the recipients do you think would have enough interest to read the rest of the mail? I suspect that it would be very small any time of the year, but it would certainly be zero in December. This offer will fail because it does not have Mass Appeal!

At first glance, "How to Quit Smoking" could be a far better product. We know that 34% of people smoke and that could spell big success! But, when you think about it, how many smokers will be seriously thinking of quitting (3) at the moment they see your email or classified ad? It's pretty clear that neither of these products could possibly produce an income in excess of $1,000 per month.

There are many products and services that appear very exciting at first. Some of them will produce small incomes but not anything substantial. For example, "How to meet a mate" seems like it would be a real winner, but the fact is that most people already have a mate and are not in the market, at the moment, at least, for information about how to get a new one. You see, even if our products can solve a problem that is shared by most people, it also has to be something they are in desire of most of the time! Peace today – Peace tomorrow. If they become a customer for the first years Flag Design they will probably continue on each year with the large selection of products from out Peace Store collection. Your Organization receives compensation on all Products as they become available.

If you truly have the right product or service, you can rest assured that you're targeting the right market, no matter what list or directory you are using, because you have something that will

     1. solve a problem that is common to
     2. most people,
     3. most of the time and
     4. Will help them quickly and easily!

As you already know, the trick to bringing people to your web site is to offer them something of real value FREE (PeaceSocial.com is FREE), then you can introduce the product you want to sell. The World Peace Flag Organization charges nothing for the opportunity to earn a large income by helping us to help other via PeaceSocial.Org or Info WE will give as a gift to the first 300 affiliates a “1
st N 10” Peace Flag. We will help you establish a group of salespeople. Well that's exactly how we'll get around this sales dilemma. This huge force of salespeople will travel the world, working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you to help us to help others.

What if I told you that these salesmen never tired complained or wanted "a piece of the action"? What if told you they made the same, perfect presentation every time? What if I told you their transportation costs to cities and towns all around the world were practically zero? It sounds almost too good to be true doesn't it? Well it is good, and it is true, these little salesmen are tireless and will attract thousands and millions of people to your Web Site every day.

Actually, though, I have a confession to make. They aren't really people at all. Did you already guess that? They are incredibly effective advertising messages that will convince unbelievable numbers of people to try our products and receive for FREE marketing information to become your Sub-Affiliate. But wait! Didn't I tell you near the beginning of this booklet that most Advertising on the Internet, doesn't work? Well that is generally true. Most Internet advertising does fail, but not all of it does. We've already talked about some of the huge profits being earned by some of the major players on the Net. You see, it all depends on the advertising STRATEGIES you use. Not the words, or the medium, but the METHODS. I'm going to teach you some advertising strategies that ALWAYS work. I'll also show you how to create super attention grabbers to use with the strategies to get thousands of people to come knocking on your door every day.

I won't leave anything to chance. You'll soon have a wonderful, enormously successful business. It's so clean, simple and effective you'll wonder what you ever did to deserve it.

Remember when I told you earlier that there are over 1,000,000 new web pages created each month? Don't you think the owners of these websites would benefit from the exact same marketing information you now have in your hands? Of course they would! They are eager to make a living from the Net but don't have the faintest idea how to go about it. They would be grateful to anyone who could give them even a glimmer of hope! You see, no matter what product or service they are currently involved with, they desperately need to find a way to sell it, and they've probably failed miserably up to now!

Most people with computers and Internet connections are very excited about the possibilities of making money on the Web but have no idea how to go about it. You can help them! Although, the Affiliate Program was set up so that other Non-Profits could raise money for their concerns anybody can start a web site and join our program. You do not have to be a Non Profit Organization.

Now I'd like to congratulate you on your progress through this booklet and invite you to become a member of this exciting new program. The very fact that you have come this far, proves to me that you are serious about raising money on the Internet. So, let's get going. There is much more to learn, lots of money to make and some valuable free software and video instructions to get you started.

When it comes to marking your PeaceSocial.com presence you will be introduced to several way in which you will be able to MASS MARKET your site using Opt-In Email messages and other untold secrets to fund raising. You will be able to build your double opt in email list and soon be contacting tens of thousands of people per day - legally. You will be able to set up a auto email responder and automatically email your list over several months time with no further effort on your part. In only an hours time you can simply and easily contact 100,000 plus internet people who want to hear from you. This valuable key information will be made available in the back room of Affiliate Account.

To Join the PeaceSocial.com go to www.worldpeaceflag.org and click on the HOME BIZ-JOB-VOLUNTEER or send email to
support@worldpeaceflag.org and you will be on our mailing list. . You will be notified via a step by step VIDEO and print information on how easily it is to set up your online presence. You will be shown how to contact 100’s of 1,000’s of email opt in email address and offering them a chance to receive a at home Business Opportunity. Also register for our monthly FREE “1st N 10” WORLD PEACE FLAG and marketing information at our site. Link ONE TIME to your PeaceSocial network site and- earn passive compensation month after month. Residual income................

Registration is simple and takes only a couple of minutes. You will receive confirmation and a welcome with your password and complete instructions emailed back to you. Close your eyes for a short while and begin to SEE & FEEL the new you with more money then you need and feeling good about yourself. Now visit:
http://www.PeaceSocial.com and click on the link and TAKE ACTION!!!

Congratulations on your decision to join the World Peace Flag Organizations “Cause Affiliate”tm Marketing Programs! Thank you for helping us to help others.

ur “1st N 10” annual Peace Flag just below.....

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: “Cause Affiliate”tm program not available to residents of North Dakota US


I have recently been informed that after searching for a Grant or Loan for the constructions of an exact replica of Noah's Ark with Theme Park(s) Hotel(s) since Nov 1998 that one has been opened for business in China. It has been our long term goal to have at least one Theme Park on 6 of the 7 Continents (not Antarctica) We have contact the for profit China Construction Company in Hong Kong China who owns it to see if they would like to join us in our International effort to raise money for the good causes of our Human Family. Current there is a two months wait to visit the Ark by Internet appointment only and the fees are US $55.00 to $100.00 per visitor. Visit: http://www.noahsark.com.cn for more details. Their you will see contact information and if you believe they should join in our International Charity efforts please email your opinions to their concerns.

CREDITS/Authors: Many “by the Human family for the Human famil



I have recently been informed that after searching for a Grant or Loan for the constructions of an exact replica of Noah's Ark with Theme Park(s) Hotel(s) since Nov 1998 that one has been opened for business in China. It has been our long term goal to have at least one Theme Park on 6 of the 7 Continents (not Antarctica) We have contact the for profit China Construction Company in Hong Kong China who owns it to see if they would like to join us in our International effort to raise money for the good causes of our Human Family. Current there is a two months wait to visit the Ark by Internet appointment only and the fees are US $55.00 to $100.00 per visitor. Visit: http://www.noahsark.com.cn for more details. Their you will see contact information and if you believe they should join in our International Charity efforts please email your opinions to their concerns.


 World Peace Flag Organization, a US nonprofit Organization in 1996. Founded by Lyle J. Noorlun

\  The Organization gives to people who donate a first in a series of 10 annual World Peace Flags and International Book of Facts as a gift for their contributions.  It provides other non-profits with a means of earning contributions.  The Flag and Book of Facts is an educational tool that teaches geography, peace and love.  Our mission is to help eliminate World hunger while teaching a person to feed themselves. 100% of net profits are given away.  Our By-Law state that no one person working for this Organization will ever receive more than $500 a week in salary.  Visit the web at worldpeaceflag.org. Currently, working to develop “Noah's Ark Renaissance Theme Parks” on each of 6 Continents with 100% of profits to Charities around the World. The project includes a Renascence Theme Park(s) and an exact replica(s) of Noah's Ark.  “Build it and they will come”


Noorlun has marketed financial planning products through Management Services where he was Senior Advisor for several Major Corporations.    Business and marketing experience to include 401K, 403 (b), Section 125's, Life-Health and Commercial Insurance.  Commercial Real Estate, 2nd Trust Deeds, Real Estate Partnerships, Limited Liability Co's, Telecommunications Business Opportunities, Annuities and other financial products.  he has developed, managed and sold several successful Insurance Agencies. 


During the last 30 years in business related services, he hired and trained 100's of salespeople.  He designed and taught two self-improvement courses: 1. "Grow as a Pro", designed for "how to" in the field of sales.  This course consists of 22 hours of classroom training, and 2. "Adventures in Attitude", designed basically to get rid of "Stinking Thinking" course time 25 hours.  Also, he has written, designed and produced a goal setting and achieving program entitled "I CAN-can”.  Consists of a colorful labeled tin can, which stands 4 V2 inches high and contains a 131 page book and motivational/subliminal cassette tape that will guide a person through the visualization and attainment of their goals.  Additionally, I've designed and taught a four-hour course entitled "Action Plan & Business Goal Strategies".  A "How to Succeed" business plan.  He has been a member of the million dollar round table and received many Achievement Awards for production.  It has always been important to me to be at the top of sales contests.  He has completed Life Underwriters Training Counsel and parts of Certified Life Underwriters.  He familiar with most of the major computer programs and Internet Marketing.  Over the last several years he taken and completed courses at the Hollywood Film Institute relative to Film Production, Directing, Screen writing, Acting for Beginners and Film Editing.  With this knowledge I've produced five videos relative to Financial and Estate Planning.  They are each 13 to 18 minutes long and are entitled (1) Do I Need a Living Trust? (2) Charitable Giving Remainder Trust (3) Estate Taxes Paid for Pennies on the Dollar (4) Long Term Care Alternatives and (5) CD's vs.  SAFE Tax Deferred Alternatives All of these videos were produced with graphs, still pictures and charts. Currently, he is in pre-productions for two movies “War FACTS” and “Fargo's Noah”..


 Two years Business College at Washington State, Life Underwriters Training Counsel, Certified Life Underwriters, Prudential Insurance PITP (3 years sales/product training) Securities Training, Hollywood Film Institute and numerous evening classes for Computer, Internet,  and business related studies.  Completed the public speaking course Toastmaster.  Many years practitioner of Tai Chi and Qigong


 Male, physically active in excellent health.  He enjoys leaning and teaching.  He is a moral individual with high integrity and believe all virtuous endeavors are possible with the help of our Creator.

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